The Dreaded Picnic Season Is Upon Us: How To Find the Perfect Family Spot? Get The Best Picnic Table Now 2022

Lots of bags to pack and carry, lots of sandwiches and sausage rolls, fizzy drinks, and cold flasks of coffee. (Maybe I make it wrong – mine is hot when I leave home…)

Then the hunt for the perfect spot.

To sit at a wobbly half-rotten wooden picnic table with the fixed on benches.

Looking at a view that is not quite the one you wanted.

And you forgot the plates, cutlery, cups or _____ (insert object of choice).

Then you have to time it so that you all sit down together – otherwise when Grandad sits this side, Baby Joe goes a-flying from the other-side. (Not saying Grandad is big or anything, just that Baby Joe might be small. Little. Wisp-like if you will…)


You could have your own picnic table type thing in your own garden.

The advantages to this are many, including…

No travelling.

Access to the kettle at all times.

No problem if teenager Billy decides to go home in a huff!

Grandad can sit on his own seat that is not in any way connected to the table or anybody else.

More access to coffee…

To read my independent review of a pretty gorgeous acacia wood picnic table with two benches, that is simple in style and yet very classy (the table, not my review) then click the red box below.

I’m now off to rescue Baby Joe from the tree he landed in… not saying Grandpa is big or anything…

Bye for now!

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