Chapin 20000 Sprayer Review – Entry Level Spraying

The Chapin 20000 1-Gallon Lawn & Garden Sprayer is a simple hand-held pump sprayer that is perfect for spraying weed killers, fertilizer, and insecticides. It also has a capacity of one gallon. The fact that it is on the list of “basic” or “introductory models” indicates that it does not have a particularly large number of features, and its durability is lower than that of some of the more costly units.

Having said that, if you are not going to be using your pump sprayer that frequently or are just beginning into using a pump sprayer, this device is ideal for you and a good value for the money that you will spend on it. It is still an excellent pump sprayer, and the majority of individuals who own one have said that it is an excellent machine that fulfills all of their requirements.

Main Advantages Of The Chaplin 20000

The unit’s cost is the first thing that works in its favor. Because it is sold at such a cheap price, it will be difficult to complain about it in the event that anything ever goes wrong with the device.

When you first obtain the pump sprayer, you will note that there are a couple of mounting rings that allow you to connect any kind of strap to the unit. You can do this since the mounting rings are completely universal. These handheld pump sprayers would benefit greatly from having a strap attached to them. The pressure on the arm isn’t that tremendous due to the fact that this is just a one-gallon unit, but a shoulder strap will save a significant amount of time over the course of the day. Unfortunately, a strap is not included with the purchase of this device.

In general, I like garden sprayers that have a funnel at the top of the device. In the past, I have used sprayers that did not have the spout that is fashioned like a funnel to make it easier to pour in your product. Let me tell you, it can become dirty pretty quickly. Additionally, in the event that the seal around the top of the funnel should ever begin to leak, the solution that has been spilled is often contained inside the funnel tops.

It would seem to be obvious, but there are a number of sprayers on the market from which you have to unscrew the cap in order to determine how much of the solution is still contained in the tank. The bottle that comes with the Chaplin 20000 is really see-through, which lets you immediately glance down into the tank to see how much liquid is still within.

Chapin 20000 Features

  • Chapin garden poly sprayer is ideal for fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides
  • Chapin garden sprayer’s funnel top opens for no mess filling with an adjustable nozzle
  • A translucent bottle allows for ease in checking fluid level
  • Includes 12-inch straight wand, 28-inch reinforced hose, and 1-gallon tank
  • The Chapin sprayer features the patented Sure Spray filter to help prevent clogging

Chapin 2000 Guide Review

Even though I voiced some reservations about the product’s dependability and construction, I feel the need to emphasize once again that this is an excellent small pump sprayer to have if you want to use it for your own personal garden or for spraying insect repellent about your home or place of business. I would strongly recommend taking a look at some of the other models that are displayed on this website for an application that involves heavy daily usage.

However, one thing that worries me about the reviews for this product is that several customers described how the product “exploded in their face.” This is something that I find concerning. Now, I do not know whether or not they had the cap screwed down sufficiently, or whether or not they had the cap on incorrectly. The majority of the reviews for this product are positive, however, there are a handful that raises questions about whether or not the purchaser made a mistake.

Here are a few reviews:

Good quality at a good price

It is nice to have a bottle that is spotless and functions really well. I combine it with a homemade weed killer that may be acidic for the soil but is safe for any animals that aren’t insects that could wander through it.


The sprayer is straightforward and uncomplicated to use. Due to the fact that it is made of plastic, it will not corrode with time. It is possible to climb a ladder while carrying a gallon of liquid, which is a decent size since it is not too heavy.

My Recommendation:

This sprayer is suitable for usage on an infrequent basis. If you need to cover a broad area, you should invest in a shoulder strap that is compatible with this device and can be attached to it directly. You may want to have a look at the Chapin 61900 Tree/Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer if you have a yard that is a little bit larger than average or if you plan on utilizing this pump sprayer more regularly in the near future.

The Chapin 20000 seems to be a fantastic little weekend warrior and entry-level sprayer for your yard or garden. It is available in four different colors.

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