How to Maintain Garden Furniture?: Keeping Your Outdoor Space Good as New 2023

It’s about that time again, when you drag out the garden furniture and identify what it will take to whip it back into shape. It’s not the most appealing of Sunday morning tasks, but whether it’s this week or next, inevitably you or someone else is going to have to bite the bullet.

Perhaps if you just hold a clear vision in your mind’s eye of what good time you are going to have in the upcoming warm months with the assistance of those pieces of furniture. A little tender loving care from you today, and you can rely upon that outdoor furniture to come through for you repeatedly.

So, go on and psych yourself up, however you can, and get to pull out the cushions and the bases. Once you’ve seen what you must tackle you can then go forth and gather the equipment and materials that will be of use to bring the stuff back to life.

Or, after you have done you once over of the inventory, pay the neighbor’s kid to bring about its salvation. But step one is always going to be to retrieve it from wherever you choose to keep it over the harsh winter months.

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Chances are if your table and chairs, or sun loungers and umbrellas, have been stored in a damp place, you are going to face the battle of mildew or mold. Even if you were thinking of the future when you purchased those cushions and umbrellas and bought weather-resistant fabrics, mildew can still be an enemy.

But, no worries, you can remove mildew with a concoction and some manual labor.

Check the labels on the fabric, and ascertain if you can use bleach on them. If so, arm yourself, or that gullible, underpaid teenager from next door, with a mixture of one cup of bleach to every gallon of warm water.

Major note – use the appropriate gloves before mixing or handling this solution. If you are instructed not to use any product using bleach, then a quick trip to the store is in order.

Also, do not attempt this cleaning inside; you need proper ventilation, bleach, or no bleach. Depending on the strength of the fiber you are dealing with, use a sponge or bristled brush to scrub away the unwanted coating. Then leave it out to dry in direct sunlight.

If you feel like just reading this was as much effort as you are prepared to exert at this point, fine. You can always assert that the weather looks grim, and you really need to be confident that the sun will be out for the drying side of the activity. Wink, wink.

How To Keep Teak Furniture Looking Top Notch?

As care and maintenance of outdoor furniture always seem to be a hot topic over here, we will continue with our tips on this subject. We are now covering teak furniture, as it has become increasingly popular over the last decade and can be quite an investment.

While no one wants to waste money on outdoor furniture, when you buy it at a pretty price it can be even more critical to become familiar with the correct form of upkeep.

Right away, you can start to treat the teak like the superstar that it is by brushing oil evenly over the grain. Take care not to overlap the brushstrokes. From the moment you begin to treat with oil, you must maintain the effort. If you do not, then you can expect that it will turn a silver color and will be all the more susceptible to stains.

Not only should you be diligent with the oil application, but it should only be done when the weather will not involve dew, rain, or frost in the immediate future. The oil needs time to dry fully, and such weather will prevent that from happening.

How To Prepare Your Garden Gear For 2022 Winter?

While you already know there are things to be done in the garden before winter sets in and takes over, you might not be aware of some additional things that are also in your best interest. Many people do not know that they should prepare their garden hose for winter, but you should.

After the long-involved summer, it is likely that the hose is twisted and in need of some attention. So, pull it out to its fullest extension and get it all straightened out. Once it is all untangled, coil it in a manageable neat roll and tie it together with some old pantyhose remnants.

Then, take it in from the elements until Mr. Sun is ready to put his hat back on next year. Because, while you might not have thought of it, your garden hose can freeze and crack should you leave it all disheveled outside.

How To Give Proper Care For Mosaic Outdoor Furniture?

While mosaic furniture is not uncommonly found in gardens, it seems to be somewhat overlooked when it comes to upkeep. One thing that we rarely see covered in articles is how to maintain your mosaic-top outdoor furniture during the winter months.

As is true with most outdoor furniture, when we do see guidance being given, it is highly recommended that they be covered throughout winter. Depending on the degree of the weather’s harshness, we do not think this is always necessary but are all the more concerned with other measures.

More importantly, is the attention that is given to the mosaic over the course of the entire year. The mosaic artwork itself should be treated with hard beeswax on a regular basis. If you are, in fact, applying it as instructed, the coating should be thin.

Not only will the beeswax protect the tile from stains, but it will also enhance its beauty. When washing down the base (metal) with soapy hot water, look for any chipping or cracking. This will need to be repaired with matching metal paint in order to prevent rust from setting in.

What Is Essential To Caring For Your Garden Furniture?

It may indeed seem as though it is stating the obvious to begin by telling you to actually read the care instructions that accompany your garden furniture at the time of purchase. Sure, it sounds like a no-brainer, but the truth of the matter is that less than half of all outdoor furniture owners ever read those guidelines.

There are several reasons we have learned as to why people skip this step, but to us simply reading that information makes the most sense.

Some people never plan to maintain their garden furniture, they just want to let it live out its course without any care and then plan to replace it. Well, yes that does work to a certain extent but sounds environmentally unfit. Others think that all furniture is created equal and that whatever they choose to do to keep it clean will be enough.

However, the manufacturers do include some useful information on those instructions. Not following the rules can lead to the article’s damage, and the warranty becoming void, neither of which sounds appealing. Thus, it does make sense to read them after all.

How To Clean Outdoor Furniture Cushions?

Canvas cushions require attention every so often, and if they are not removable and machine washable you need to take some steps to get them back into shape.

Create a mixture of one teaspoon of dishwashing detergent, one-quart of warm water, and one tablespoon of borax and fill up a spray bottle with it. Then grab a sponge and let the cleaning begin. Concentrate the spray on the increases and crevices and wipe the entire cushion down.

Once you have completed the above, allow the cushions to sit for twenty minutes before hosing them off with a blast of water. Then place them in the sun while propped up in the sun. If one side has been shaded, reverse the direction you have placed them once the first side has dried completely.

How often you do this will depend on the amount of weather damage they receive, and the level of usage. But, in between the big clean, you can always do spot treatments.

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