7 Tips to Improve Look of Your Garden: for Trendy Aesthetics & Healthy Outdoor Space 2022

Tips to improve the look of your garden:

Stain Your Fence

A fence has two very important practical uses. It acts as a dividing line between your garden and your neighbours, and it also affords your privacy.

However, even the most basic of garden fences can also provide aesthetic benefits as long as they are well maintained.

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If your fence is beginning to lose its colour or needs to be re-stained make this your first priority. The chemical properties in a good quality wood stain will protect your fence from wind and rain, making it last longer as well as improving its appearance.

Create A Focal Point With Outdoor Paving

Use outdoor paving to create a new focal point in your garden or invigorate an existing one. More durable and visually pleasing than wooden decking, outdoor paving is a straightforward way to add a touch of class to your garden and practically no maintenance is required.

Renovate Or Replace Your Garden Furniture

Make a sensible decision about whether your existing garden furniture can be salvaged with wood staining or whether it’s time to recycle what you can and get something new. If your furniture doesn’t need replacing or renovating make sure to keep it protected from the weather to increase its lifespan.

Add Some Ornaments To The Garden

While Buddha heads have suddenly become very popular there are lots of different ornaments that can instantly make any garden look a bit more exciting.

A water feature in particular is a great way of helping to elevate any garden from looking merely pleasant to absolutely beautiful.

Attract Wildlife

Attracting wildlife to your garden isn’t easy and it’s something that money can’t buy. However, money can buy things like bird baths, nesting boxes and food, so begin creating a haven for wildlife and you should soon be rewarded.

Just bear in mind that vermin and other unwanted animals may soon move in on any left over food you carelessly discard on your garden lawn, so be careful about what food you put out. Even if you fail to bring birds into your garden at least the birdbath will look pretty.

Aerate Your Lawn

You can aerate your lawn with a handheld lawn aerator. This device pierces holes three inches deep into your grass, loosening the soil, which allows better circulation and consequently greener, better looking grass.

Another tip for a better lawn is to leave the grass clippings spread over the lawn.

This not only acts as a natural mulch, which allows the remaining grass to retain moisture, but it also restore many nutrients into the ground when it decomposes.

Out With The Weeds, In With The Plants

If you have a particularly bad weed problem you might want to consider a weed killer – just bear in mind that the chemicals in it probably won’t be particularly good for the flowers and plants you want to be kept alive either.

Getting on your knees and pulling them out from their roots may still be the best option. Plant new flowers or add potted plants to the garden to give your garden a dose of new life.

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