Removing Old Trees

There are times when it becomes necessary to part ways with a tree because it has reached an advanced age. It is often a difficult decision to make, but sometimes the tree must be cut down because it is either too diseased, too close to the house, has an infestation of an insect that cannot be eradicated, or has grown too tall and is getting too close to a power line. If any of these things take place, it is in everyone’s best interest to get rid of the tree as soon as possible. It is almost a dishonorable thing to do to the tree if you allow it to suffer in poor conditions, even though you may have spent a significant amount of time and effort getting the tree to where it is today.

After you have made the decision to cut down the tree, the next step is to plan how it will be done. As a result of improper planning during the process of removing trees, I have witnessed the destruction of a shocking number of automobiles and the shattering of a shocking number of windows. Determine in which direction you want it to fall, and then make sure, through careful measurement, that it will fall in such a way that it won’t come into contact with anything else that it might be able to harm.

After you have determined the path that the object will take as it falls, you should scale the tree and secure two long ropes near the crown of the tree. They should be anchored on the side that is opposite of the one that you want it to fall towards. This will give you the ability to change the direction that the tree is being lowered in, which is helpful in the event that it begins to lean toward something that it could damage.

You are free to start chopping now that you have completed all of the safety measures that were required of you. Please take a step back and think about how insane that is if you intend to use a saw or an axe that has to be manually operated. Cutting down a tree by hand will take an interminable amount of time and will not even come close to producing the same level of precision as using a chainsaw. You shouldn’t even think about trying to complete the task without a chainsaw if you don’t already own one. Make inquiries among your fellow community members to determine whether or not anyone possesses one that you could borrow. If that does not work, you can either rent or buy one from the home improvement store in your area.
Before you begin hacking away at the tree, it is important that you protect your eyes and face with the appropriate safety gear in case any wood chips fly in their direction. Because I once had a friend who accidentally went blind in his right eye while cutting down a tree, I sincerely hope that none of my readers will end up in a similar situation. When using a power tool, you should always make sure to protect any parts of your body that are exposed by wearing the appropriate safety gear.

When you are making the cut in the tree, you do not want to simply make a straight line through it. It is best to cut a V-shape into the tree in a horizontal direction. This is due to the fact that if you cut the tree along the straight line, it will end up rolling to either the left or the right. If you make your cuts in the shape of a “V,” the tree will be able to fall in the precise direction that you want it to fall in when it comes crashing down. As a result of human error during the cutting process, it is possible that it will be off by a few feet on occasion; however, if you have some strong friends pull on the ropes you tied, you will be able to line it back up with the path you intended for it to take. The total activity shouldn’t take any longer than an hour to complete.

The removal of the stump might present some additional challenges. You have a few options available to you, one of which is to rent a stump chipper, which will completely destroy the section of the stump that is visible. You also have the option of spending countless hours excavating it. The stump can be dug out, which is a much more thorough method but takes an extremely long time. This shouldn’t be a problem for you even if you have children. Kids frequently find the idea of digging to be entertaining, and they get giddy at the prospect of going outside to dig with their friends for the entire day. This was the method that I utilized, and I was successful in removing the entire stump in less than a week. Bear in mind that the diameter of my stump was approximately one foot, and that digging will most likely not work for stumps that are much larger than that.

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