Mothers Day Flower Poem Ideas That Melt Her Hearts 2023

Mother’s Day is a great chance to show how much you love her and how thankful you are. However, it may seem impossible to find the perfect gift for your mother that fully expresses how much she means to you. If you need some guidance, you might want to check out this article to give the best mother’s day gift for her and to find something that will melt her heart.

One option you haven’t tried before but totally worth it is to write a beautiful poem for her with some flowers. Here are some beautiful poetry and gifts ideas to present the most amazing mother’s day in her life.

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Best Flower Gift for Mom

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Best Flower Poem Book

‘Thoughtful and diverse selection – This is a great little book for lovers of anyone who loves poetry. I was excited to see that someone had thought to collect poems on flowers into one book. The poets represented run the gamut. Emily Dickinson, Chaucer, Sappho, Rumi, Ted Hughes, William Blake, Mary Oliver, and many more are part of this book. I was unfamiliar with half of the poets, so there truly is a wide breadth of work here.

The book is divided into the following categories: Spring, Lilies and Roses, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and the Language of Flowers. I especially enjoyed the divisions by season. This book is small enough to keep on your nightstand, so I’ve been reading a poem before I go to sleep.’

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Best Bracelet Gift for Mom

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A White Blossom

D.H. Lawrence

A tiny moon as white and small as a single jasmine flower
Leans all alone above my window, on night’s wintry bower,
Liquid as lime-tree blossom, soft as brilliant water or rain
She shines, the one white love of my youth, which all sin cannot stain.


Amy Lowell

You came to me bearing bright roses,
Red like the wine of your heart;
You twisted them into a garland
To set me aside from the mart.
Red roses to crown me your lover,
And I walked aureoled and apart.

Enslaved and encircled, I bore it,
Proud token of my gift to you.
The petals waned paler, and shriveled,
the thorns started through.
er thorns to proclaim me your lover,
A diadem woven with rue.

The Lily

William Blake

The modest Rose puts forth a thorn,
The humble sheep a threat’ning horn:
While the Lily white shall in love delight,
Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright

In the Heart of a Rose

George Marion McClellan

I will hide my soul and its mighty love
In the bosom of this rose,
And its dispensing breath will take
My love wherever it goes.

And perhaps she’ll pluck this very rose,
And, quick as blushes start,
Will breathe my hidden secret in
Her unsuspecting heart.

And there I will live in her embrace
And the realm of sweetness there,
Enamored with an ecstasy,
Of bliss beyond compare.

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