Make Gothic Christmas Tree – to Horror Up Your Christmas 2023

Christmas is one of the biggest holidays in the world. It’s a very exciting event, a great chance to show your unique taste and spend time with your friends and family you love while celebrating the new year.
However, if you’re trying something new at your classic Christmas event, you can try changing and replacing the old Christmas tree for a new, fresh mood. Check out this article to make the most unique, memorable Christmas of your life!

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What is Gothic Style?

The birthplace of the early Gothic style is Northern Europe, where the design flourished between the 12th and 15th centuries. The Gothic style and interior decorating ideas are particularly associated with Christmas, which has a significant meaning. The Gothic style decoration includes festive holiday decorations reminiscent of gothic church architecture, which is characterized primarily by its pointed arches. The features of the Gothic interior design style and the architectural details such as old universities, libraries, private mansions, castles, and churches also serve as an inspiration for modern Gothic Christmas decorating ideas.

Decorative Items Ideas

The recommended classic colors for Christmas are black, white, beige, gold, and silver. Rich dark colors for a dramatic Gothic mood include deep red, violet, eggplant, gold, deep green, navy, silver, charcoal, gray, and black.

Many people opt to decorate with a skull, skeleton, or raven to maximize the gothic atmosphere. There is no reason you can’t customize traditional Christmas symbols. Here are some options you can use to horror-up your Christmas.

  • You don’t need to use a classic green tree. Many stores offer black Christmas trees.
  • You can add a skull to your wreaths or stockings to put on your Christmas tree.
  • Repaint or make DIY Christmas bows or ribbons.
  • Add dark purple or red LED lights to your room/or you can keep your room dark and put spooky candle holders or lamps on the table.
  • Put a figurine or tea set on the dining table.
  • You can wear a sweater or have new nails for a spooky mood.
  • Set classic church-style windows.
  • Gothic Tapestry – If you’re in a Gothic mood, you might consider collecting wall art for every Christmas season.
  • Plants such as purple roses can be a great decorative item.

The prices and inventories of recommended items can vary. You don’t want to miss checking its current price and stock!

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