How to Make a Contemporary Minimalist Garden

If you prefer to keep things uncomplicated and serene in your garden, then you might want to consider going with a minimalist design. This contemporary style is wonderful for individuals who wish to create a sanctuary from the hustle of modern life, yet don’t want to spend too much time or money on maintenance. This minimalist garden design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It always goes well in modern residences, and it could be perfectly suited for your lifestyle.

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Best Garden Trellises

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Purpose of Contemporary Garden

A contemporary garden is also known as a modern garden. It is the garden highlighting ‘clean edges/lines’ while using hard materials like stone, hardwood, or steel. It minimizes the organic features like plants and emphasizes the interaction between different types of geometric elements.


It can look good to have neatly trimmed bushes and a well-manicured lawn, lush vegetation with white stones, and a few decorative elements in neutral colors. However, the contemporary minimalist garden focuses less on organic features. You can add some of your favorite flowers with some ornamental grass that is easy to grow.
You can even use synthetic grass because it requires no maintenance as it is made of recycled plastic. This is a sustainable option that can look modern with its clean edges, is safe for children and dogs to play on, and mosquitoes do not appear even in the summer.


When you choose furniture or decorative items for your garden, it is best to choose long-lasting materials that are capable of standing out within a well-balanced composition. For example, you can use limestone for the patio, steel for the planter, or there are many other affordable options you can choose, such as bamboo, or plastic for decorative elements. Here are some items you will need for your beautiful garden.

  • A small pond – Your backyard can have a more tranquil vibe with the addition of some modest water decoration elements that perform well in minimalistic gardens.
  • While you are reading books or working on something, the comfortable lounging space can be used as a small dining area for afternoon tea.
  • Planters: they help you organize your plants and give a clean look.
  • Shed – if you need extra space for storage of gardening tools, you can consider building a small shed next to the garden

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